Registration includes tournament entry fee, a catered lunch, and a t-shirt. T-shirts will be given out at the tournament. Please, no alcohol at the festivites. Please select all that apply:

If you are registering as an individual (not as a sponsor), please use the fields below. If you are participating through a sponsorship, only include the number of additional anglers.

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Method of Payment

In consideration of the privilege granted in this Registration and as a condition of participation the Registrant / Contestant will exercise the privilege granted by this agreement at Registrant's / Contestant's own risk, and shall never claim any damages against Texas Coastal Fishers of Men for any injuries or damages suffered on account of the exercise of this privilege, regardless of the fault or negligence of the Texas Coastal Fishers of Men. Registrant / Contestant shall indemnify Texas Coastal Fishers of Men against all liabilty for damages and expenses resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with the exercise of the priviege by Registrant / Contestant, and its assignees, permitees, or other persons participating in the fishing tournament at the invitation of the Registrant / Contestant.

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